Wonderland 2010

Wonderland Narrative Unfolds!!

Once Goldie unveiled Pete as the Madhatter in the Wonderland artwork it was all systems go at Microchunk HQ… working closely with stylist Fouad we were able to teleport his amazing girls from our greenscreen studio into a wonderous world of graphics.

Over 15 Ibizan weeks this inspired narrative unfolded and with new live cam’s in the club we were able to mix the girls from the podiums directly into rabbit holes we’d created…

Other 2010 developments included Pete’s new midi console that allowed him to control & create different bead & screen combinations, we got a new LED screen to play with & bigger & better booth – so all in all in all this summer was technical aswell as creative joy!

Online Promo for this seasons closing of Pete Tong's Wonderland, Ibiza, 1st Oct @ Eden featuring Pete Tong, Dubfire & Mike Knight


Radio Slave, Grindhouse, Dubfire Terror Planet Remix, Rekids

Created by Microchunk's Mischa Ying using graphics by Todd Graft & Loki Ben

Styling by COUTUREX: fouad.es

Camera: Alex Reid

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Wonderland goes Live!!!  

This season Pete Tong caused a media frenzie with the introduction of a live stage at Eden …. Acts including Lady GaGa, Deadmau5 & Faithless filled the club to capacity week after week with extra lighting rigs, LED screens & plasma’s installed to rock the club in its entirety.  Live camera feeds, artists branding & our bespoke visual content were mixed up & sent out to a plethora of screens; with the LED curtain rocking out alongside the beautiful hue’s of the clubs new laser – not to mention the beautifully styled dancers which all combined to make Wonderland a truly multi-sensory treat for the masses…

Wonderland Visual Demo’ highlights some of the vast array of visual content produced for Pete Tong's Wonderland at Eden Ibiza 2009 season…


Video Installation turns Ibiza’s Eden into an Eye-Popping Electric Candybox

This is a montage of moments from our Friday night residency at Wonderland: Ibiza’s success story of the 2008 season:

Pete Tong recruited Microchuk to create a visual world of wonders to complement his innovative new clubnite. His vision was to bring concert style visuals onto the dancefloor working with Todd Graft to design a 360º clubbing experience. The result includes 1920 LED beads, 22 screen panels, and more than 1500 HD video clips, mixed fresh on the fly. Revellers dance in a pulsating lite-brite palace, a first-of-its kind installation in clubland, while the HD screen visuals evoke magical worlds even deeper down the rabbit hole.

High-res becomes highly immersive as the screen dissolves on either side into a tapestry of light-beads encircling the room; with dynamic low-fi graphics racing around the balcony over the dance floor revealing the very pulse of Ibiza.

The combination of creating original content to suit both the installation, and Pete’s music programming provides a distinct look for the night while staying open to spontaneity in response to the DJ sets. The VJ performance takes you on a multi-dimensional journey  from digital utopia to clubland dystopia. Gritty urban escapism meets post-modern futuristic fantasy… Hollywood meets Hoxton on San Antonio’s Sunset Strip.

Behind the scenes with events manager Tom Brown.