Microchunk is Now...

All is not as it seems. The veils have been lifted. 


Microchunk was once a playground for my fetish for dreamy digital projections set to music and we had a lot of fun experimenting and doing tremendous work in the burgeoning global rave scene – epic commercial or cool underground – it didn’t matter as long as we could indulge our non-linear live imaging fantasies .  


It all got a bit heady and off the creative mark so I put the old business grit and grind model in a cocoon for a few years, allowing the original vision to Metamorphose into DREAMOPOLIS. It turns out my dream state had the golden keys all along. 


Muthabored is a channel of higher consciousness streams of light – that power Dreamopolis – which is a pop-up realm hosting ethereal energy – activating, high frequency art , inhabiting the present now, consciously creative and occasionally materialising in the physical realms of my Garden in the island of my dreams, Ibiza.


Operating on a new paradigm model in service to the collective, with full sovereignty of expression, aligned to universal law of One and in gratitude to the creative source of all life, the great Divine Mystery.   I feel that my ideas and voice have finally come of age -  here to bring light in many forms – it's clear to me now why I chose to dabble in projections – hindsight 2020, all is being Illuminated.   


Lets be curious together as we co-create a world we dare to dream of.