Welcome to the pop realm of Dreamopolis, the butterfly that has metamorphosed from the cocoon of Microchunk. Crystal currents power this ethereal dreamscape of infinite creative potentialities. All is being illuminated as we evolve into unity consciousness,  consciously creating the world we dare to dream.     


I have re-birthed this site on the remains of microchunk’s domain, to hold the frequency of light based art, ideate collaborative symphonies and materialise high vibe happenings in the physical gardens and sacred spaces of Dreamopolis in Ibiza.

I invite you to explore the 8 crystal spaces as I continually evolve and expand creative and practical offerings for the collective.

They are encoded as


I AM Light   

Create Space Craft       

Evolve Life Roots   

I Am Shalom-Kah KaNiriha Ni Marana, aka muthabored,  aka Irina Shaposhnikov Levy

Channeling higher consciousness streams of light

Creating cave art for metaphysical excavations

Holding space for higher learning and healing

Crafting verse and visual collages art for live expression and activation

Blogging life lessons

Honouring my roots and experiences in the collaborative and commercial pursuits of my once was.