Irina, my birth name, means Peace. Shalom-Ka my soul name is the essence of peace being birthed from within. I embrace this essence as I continue to unlock creative codes that play a role in humanity's evolution of consciousness... 

Dreamopolis is my dream world and my connection to land, water, sky and eternal memory.  Rooted here in sacred gardens, I express myself in a rainbow of soul family collaborations, ancient recall, living light codes and conscious community initiatives. 

In the past decade, I have travelled to sacred sights, participated in energetic gridwork, and enjoyed transformational experiences with masterful guides and healers to retrieve all the parts of myself I have scattered in pursuit of happiness that ultimately eluded me.  I have come home to find that the key has been inside me all along, the key to the intelligence of the heart, the creative womb power of the feminine divine, and the miraculous nature of the greatest spiritual technology that exists - our human body. 

Muthabored is a digital avatar that came online during my initiation at Burning Man 2010.  Before that I had used V-chunk to identify as a VJ, video maker, and Microchunk’s founder and director.  For 16 years I enjoyed playing around the globe in tandem with a burgeoning rave culture, innovating moving image performance during the digital revolution, and bringing to life surreal imaginings in all sorts of live music environments.


I moved to Ibiza in 2012 and from there a transcendental journey of healing and transformation began, awakening ancient soul memory and connecting me to my gifts and passions through a holographic lense of inter-dimensionality.  In 2015, I began transitioning out of running a busy VJ label,  to begin innovating on an energetic plane,  planting natural roots, and changing artistic routes. 

I still enjoy and create/perform in the live visuals medium, upgrading it with sacred geometry, poetry, healing arts, and mystery school designs.   I have set up our grounds, yurt and gardens to hold space for high vibrational offerings and offer this space to integrate healing arts and natural medicines into daily life.  

Currently, all my creative energy is focused on my Start Up project: a portal for transformational learning for teens, through a new paradigm ecosystem of learn labs , which I am joyously co-creating with my teenage son, Yasha and my amazing business partner Gia.