Irina Shaposhnikov Levy is a moving image artist,  poet and priestess – bringing light in many forms. 

Dreamopolis is my dream world and my connection to land, water, sky and eternal memory. I express in a rainbow of

soul family collaborations, rememberings, living light codes and conscious community initiatives. My soul name

Shalom-Ka, KaNiriha NiMarana

embodies the mysteries of my lineage, breathes healing fire into my offerings , and collapses all timelines into One,

where stories dissolve into a zero point field of pure



Muthabored is a digital avatar that came online during

my initiation at Burning Man 2010.  Before that I had used V-chunk to identify as a VJ, video maker, and Microchunk’s founder.  For 16 years I enjoyed playing around the globe in tandem with a burgeoning rave culture, innovating moving image performance during

the digital revolution, and bringing to life surreal imaginings in all sorts of live music environments.


On a deep spiritual sabbatical from 2015 in Ibiza, I

awakened ancient memory and embraced my soul path, planting natural roots, changing artistic routes. I still

love the live visuals medium, upgrading it with sacred geometry, poetry, healing arts, and mystery school designs.

I am guided to integrate all my gifts and perform/create as Shalom-Ka.


The deep work with shadow and light is both external

and internal and is embodied in diverse expressions of Dreamopolis. I have returned to writing, the passion of my youth as well as holding sacred space for neo-shamanic rituals and healing circles on the beautiful grounds of my Balearic abode. Change, evolution and expansion are constant and I feel at home on this grand journey home to

a Golden Age of conscious creativity and purpose in the

I Am.