Luciano + Microchunk = AETHER! (4 Aug 2009)


The synchronisation of sound and colour brought to you by LUCIANO. The basic dynamics of this show concern a conductor orchestrating with the use of colour, and creating a live audio set which is essentially a jam. A conductor, LUCIANO, will be orchestrating 5 musicians from CADENZA – REBOOT, MIRKO LOKO, LEE VAN DOWSKI, GREGORYTHME, LAPS. They will play separate instruments from ABLETON LIVE, and together with a live percussionist, OMRI HASON; the selected colours from the light spectrum are assigned to each instrument. LUCIANO will be using colour to select his instruments using SALVATION to drive a touch screen interface, whilst also manipulating the mix live with his own FX and talents. The visual accompaniment is provided by TODD GRAFT and LOKI from MICROCHUNK, and will be midi synchronised using all the Ableton machines and the live musician. A complex mesh of HD video layers corresponding to each audio clip and using AVENUE, from RESOLUME, will create a syncopated backdrop to this electronic orchestra.The show is both conceptual and ground breaking. The evolving narrative of the visuals will represent colour theories in 4 movements. Visual content will span diverse subjects to accentuate the way light is used to interpret the sounds. This is a rehearsed disciplined show to exacting technical standards and pushes the limits of software and hardware for both the audio and visual elements. 


The tour will be produced by PROPER PRODUCTIONS

Æther. Tour.

18.07.09 - Æther@Monegros Desert Festival, Fraga, Spain

08.08.09 - Æther@Summer Sonic Festival, Tokyo, Japan

09.08.09 - Æther@Summer Sonic Festival, Osaka, Japan

14.08.09 - Æther@Electrocity 2009, Lubiaz, Poland

19.08.09 - Æther@High Speed Rock Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel

20.08.09 - Æther@Zappa, Tel Aviv, Israel

21.08.09 - Æther@Lowlands, Dronten, Holland

22.08.09 - Æther@Pukklepop, Hasselt, Belgium

29.08.09 - Æther@Creamfields, Liverpool, England

04.09.09 - Æther@Electric Picnic, Stradbally, Ireland

21.11.09 - Æther@Sonofilia Festival, Guadalajara, Mexico

Wonderland 2009 – Mid Season Summer Sizzler with Deadmau5 and Lady GaGa Live! (9 Aug 2009)


Just to update you we are now in the thick of our second Wonderland season in Ibiza and all expectations have been surpassed! …


We hate to break it to our recession battered rain bashed friends in the (y)UK, but here the clouds are on holiday, and that Pete Tong black book has seen some very tasty bookings indeed filling the club Eden to capacity friday after friday. The appearance of Lady Gaga sparked off a media frenzy and paparazzi heyday and spelled a demanding technical tall order which we pulled off with gusto and grateful thanks from the Gaga camp (cold hard cash tips!- thats a first).

Certainly it would it seem a hard act to follow the worlds biggest popstar but then last weeks Wonderland was like a mini festival with an exclusive dj set from our pal Luciano as well as a blistering full live set from the evermore popular Deadmau5. All this of course in addition to Tongy and thats not even mentioning Mark Ronson with Zane Lowe in the second room. Phew!

Those who have scraped their euros together for the summer trip to Ibiza have been rewarded handsomely with such bargainous nites out all in the thick of a rejuvanated San Antonio which is steadily updating the cutting edge for the white isle.


We always knew this was gonna be a good gig but its thrilling to participate in a scene which is progressing rapidly before our eyes and ears…. For Full Wonderland info & Live Edit featuring Lady GaGa visit Microchunk Website, & for further Wonderland press & updates view the rest of our blogs

Wonderland Live 2009 from Microchunk on Vimeo.

Pete Tong Presents Lady Gaga & Deadmau5 Live @ Wonderland Ibiza... Video Installation & Live Visual support by Microchunk

For further info on LED installation & HD Visuals see www.microchunk.com/Wonderland

Wonderland 2009: This used to be the future (30th May 2009)


Here at Wonderland Visuals Wing (Astral Division) our screens this year will be downloading memories of 2012! From the hub of our space-bank by the toilets in Eden we will be psychically channelling visions of rapturous ecstacies and beaming them directly to an elite gathering of chosen emisseries of Eternity (ie. clubbers)

Post Star Trek:the Prequel and Lady Gaia’s appearance at Wonderland,

we will all be walking around in metallic catsuits with sculpted shoulderpads and wrist-wrecking rings made of Kryptonite. The tougher the recession, the better our ability to channel our inner Vulcan as the world topples down around our cankles!

Haven fallen down a few wormholes ourselves, we have been the humble mediums for visions such as lost cities, disco detrius and collapsed pyramid

schemes…..avatars of eternity greeting us as we begin to herald the arrival of the dawning of the first signs of the emergence of the new era of the age of aquarius! (type of fing.)

Space oddities float listlessly across our screens as we join Alice and Co. for a neon uranium-twisted tea party! Crop circles from the edge of 1994 charge our screens as we kickstart the Rapture ready to go do the time-lapse again.

Come join us in Wonderland 2009. You have nothing to lose but your wafer-thin grip on the space-time continuum!

Wonderland 2009 - Visuals Demo - Part 1 from Muthabored on Vimeo.

Highlights some of the vast array of visuals content produced for Pete Tong's Wonderland at Eden Ibiza 2009 season. When playing live each composition you see takes a few tracks to build up to - using 4 layers of HD mixed live on the Hippo (incl live camera feed) while the Addict Server runs bespoke visuals on the LED beads that surround the screen. Soundtrack taken from Pete Tong's live set on closing party 26-09-09. This demo edited by muthabored, using recordings from final 6 gigs of the Wonderland residency.

EXIT Festivals 10th Anniversary & POHODA festival 2009! (8 Aug 2009)



ladypat, Mischa Ying & Che had this years pleasure of returning to Serbia in July for the very amazing Exit festival. This year’s event had a double significance as it was the 10th anniversary of the festival and our 5th consecutive year providing live visuals in the dance arena (capacity: 20,000)

All the great and good of the dance music fraternity have passed through the Petrovaridan fortress in Novisad but this year had a special anniversary twist: djs were paired up for exclusive ‘back2back’ sets: Richie Hawtin & Dubfire, Carl Cox & Green Velvet, Sasha & Digweed, Kissy Sell Out & Alex Metric etc plus! a smattering of live acts such as The Japanese Popstars, Etienne de Crecy etc spread over FOUR nights!

What makes EXIT a particular joy for us is that the Dance Arena is very much an audio-visual experience with huge LED stealth screens immersing the djs and an array of screens at every turn, the whole extravaganza goes out live on Serbian TV, and this is one festival where the Djs really notice the role of great visuals enhancing their sets/the experience. We hope to continue year after year to this haven of dance music in this most unique of festivals.


Our second year at Pohoda, a little-known but delightful festival growing in stature over in Slovakia. LED heaven was the order of the day in the Dance Tent, with a memorable programming of the running order…most acts perform live, so they are bookended with generic muzak while the stage is prepared for the next act, and all the punters leave the tent!

This meant that after each act we  – ladypat and Mischa Ying – would get a long break but then we worked 12 hour shifts so it all balanced out! We played with some great acts such as the Whip, Hadouken! and MSTRKRFT.

Hospitality was second to none, with a score of 6.5 out of 10 on ladypat’s Pat-ented vegetarian index & an 8 out of 10 for Mischa’s touring steak rate.

Unfortunately heavy storms closed the festival early, so we have some unfinished vj bizness to flex next year :)

Visuals for Chase and Status Live show (30th May 2009)


A whirlwind of activity at Microchunk towers recently when CHASE AND STATUS dropped by with a brief to create six videos for their live set at Radio One Big Weekend and beyond. The deadline? Two weeks – eek!

We carved up the task among the ‘girls’ – Mischa, Muthabored and ladypat! as ‘the boys’ (Todd and Loki) were tied up with Luciano’s new Aether project ( a whole ‘nother story in itself!)

To accomplish the brief we had to raid the Microchunk visuals archive (that alone would take about two YEARS to sift through!), create some bespoke graphics on the fly, rip through YouTube HD footage, old films, single cover artwork, singles’ pop promos,  and set up a shoot for one of the C+S singers, Takura. This shoot was significant in itself as we have just set up our own studio within our HQ for just this type of project.


The most major curveball on this job was trying to establish the final output format, which was only revealed at the eleventh hour. We had to render out to several likely possibilities whilst the output was being thrashed out. Not an attractive proposition when you are trying to lock down six videos!  But we completed the marathon and delivered some hot expensive looking results, if we must say so ourselves.

Before we knew it the visuals were signed off , striped to beta , and on the screens the very next day  .  Imagine what we could have done with a bit more time…

Let us do Running as a proper release, please ! it deserves so much more…

big thanks to…Steve Hogan, Chase & Status, Jho Oakley, VET facilities, Paul Ridler, Bruce Selkirk (camera and lights), Takura (awesome dancer),  and the films we sampled:  Brazil, Devdas, and half the entire output of 70s Blaxploitation genre.






SANDER VAN DOORN presents DUSK TILL DOORN (11 July 2009)

Posted on April 12, 2011 by microchunkwp



Microchunk were brought on board with their extensive content library to translate into live visuals the Dusk Till Doorn concept developed by One Dot Zero…

The launch nights were not only a massive hands in the air success but also monumental to Sander who played back to back with DJs he admires at an event he’s now excited to call his own….

Simon Patterson, Jon Rundell, Gavyn Mytchel, Cosmic Gate, Sean Tyas, Vicky Devine

The creative concepts we developed for his live shows were promptly extended into a visuals DVD mixed by Mischa @ Microchunk for his international gigs – Dusk Till Doorn is now well and truly established


Rockness – Clash arena presents Wonderland -Sat 13th June (11 July 2009)

Posted on April 12, 2011 by microchunkwp

Mischa Ying & Loki loose at Rockness

Rockness took the British festival biscuit early with its amazingly stunning location right by the Loch Ness – the pictures speak for themselves it really is the perfect destination for a 2 in 1 festi holiday….

Unfortunately the visuals were confirmed at really last minute so no fat LED screens for us…. VJing 4 – 11 meant we had to double stack the projectors so you could actually see the visuals & the small screens looked incidental in relation to the Arena that was undoubtedly awsome

The music & crowd were wicked with Brodinski, Jaymo & George, DJ Yoda, Annie Mac & Crookers getting the party started for Pete Tong who actually gave Microchunk a shout out so we can’t have done a bad job!

Inverness…. One Night Only!

Zane Lowe Home Taping Tour

Zane Lowe Home Taping Tour, Baba O'Reilly from Microchunk on Vimeo.

Todd Graft and Ben Loki made 80 DVD's to cover Zane Lowe DVJ set , here's an excerpt from one of the key tracks.