Back at the turn of the century in late 1999 I founded Microchunk Ltd… a pioneering VJ label representing VJs and AV installation artists and acting as a creative hub for the burgeoning scene of live visual performance art. These

were heady days in club culture with a lot of experimentation in the audio visual digital art space… we helped create distinct looks for top DJ, took on club residencies and festival bookings where we handled live visuals for various stages,  produced our own events, and innovated new ways to create immersive audio visual environments from pop up happenings, to galleries, to raves in fields, stadiums, clubs and private villas. 

In those DIY times I launched my own VJ career while managing artists, promoting events, producing digital assets, and perfoming live around the world. As Ibiza clubs became global brands, we found ourselves playing there over entire summer residencies and eventually I relocated with my family to live and work there full time.


I dissolved the business entity in 2015 but the creative currency still flows through all my endeavours. Live visuals is a great passion of mine for the ability to create worlds of light and express cosmic narrative; under I AM and other

crystal tabs above I describe my current creative pursuits.  


Microchunk is my Roots and I am forever grateful for relationships, skills, and experiences it brought to my life and for birthing Muthabored.  The artists we represented and collaborated with are all amazing and continue to share their talents on their own platforms.

Ben Loki (live visuals for Calvin Harris) ladypat   Mischa Ying Overlap Todd Graft 

Highlights of my pioneering VJ Label 1999 AD - 2012 AD