Dreamopolis Gatherings: The Yurt & Garden Mystery School

The gardens at Dreamopolis were designed by Valerio Margoli - created with deep respect for indigenous species, the ancestral trees on the land, and walkways adhering to sacred geometrical formations, with beautiful spaces in which to host gatherings and classes.  We also have an amazing Huerto planted by Mateo and Teo where food grows year round on permaculture and no-dig principles.  We erected a Mongolian Yurt where we hold sacred ceremony.  There is a Casita on the grounds where we welcome conscious creators and widsom keepers to stay while they visit Ibiza and to use the grounds to host their offerings. 

Huna Flash arrived for the third time with amazing upgraded Lemurian Light medicine activations.

In June 2019 he opened the Yurt and grounds with a Solstice Ceremony that anchored in the ancient Lemurian Calendar of First Light, which meant a leap forward to 2020 - putting us all 6 months ahead of schedule to see the Timeline of Undistorted Light. Over two visits that summer he held workshops and performed 24 private Seals of LIving Light. Read more about his global service and personal journey here.

Weekly offering : Crystal Sound Bath with Kim Booth.... 

Kim offers her weekly cosmic crystal sound journey in the Dreamopolis Mongolian yurt. The meditation will leave you feeling relaxed, inspired and deeply connected to yourself and the magical cosmos.

DM Microchunk_Ibiza via Instagram to take part.

Past events 

Womb Healing with Abuela Sylvia :

Grandmother of the Mexica Tradition brought her oral traditions and womb healing medicines to our Yurt for a profoundly beautiful experience shared by a circle of women.